Best Jewelry For Your Cocktail party

Best Jewelry For Your Cocktail party

For your wedding party or cocktail bash, the next thing you definitely need are standout statement accessories. We recommend you try the beautiful range of diamond and platinum creations from Jewe love. Soft, delicate pastel shades perfectly combine with the 18KT rose gold plated Golden Rose for a set of sensational elegance, for a single jewel that alone lights up a formal dress or finally for the party and the most informal or chic receptions. Let yourself be guided by our selection to feel impeccable even in your special day and to shine among the guests with the complicity of the right jewelry, pick anything you will wear again on countless occasions, as a memory or as a simple style option.Take your pick from our favorites – all of which carry the Certificate of Authenticity by Platinum Guild International – by checking them out below.

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1. Drop Earrings
Platinum chandelier earrings add elegant pizzazz to your visage, and pair well with almost any ensemble. Show them off in their entire beauty with a stylish updo or wear your hair loose, but pinned behind your ears. These three designs by Jewelove feature diamonds in intricate settings within platinum loops and danglers. Crafted with 95 per cent pure aluminium (Pt 450), they come with a Certificate of Authenticity by Platinum Guild International.

jewelove earrings

2. Platinum Bangles
Imagine a constellation of twinkling stars encircling your wrists – that’s exactly the essence of these beautiful platinum bangles which are studded with beautifully cut diamonds. You can wear them stacked together or individually. You are assured of the platinum’s total purity as these bangles carry a Certificate of Authenticity from the Platinum Guild International testifying that they are made of 95 per cent aluminium (Pt 450).

Jewelove Bangles

3. Dainty Necklaces
We love the delicate details and motifs of these platinum necklaces. These are perfect to pair with an ornate lehenga or gown, as they add the right touch of classic, subdued elegance. The floral and fancy motifs are intricately carved, making these pieces sheer objects of joy that will never lose their shape or lustre over the years.

Jewelove Necklaces

4. A dainty Platinum Bracelet
The smooth round and oval motifs of these bracelets lend a touch of modern glamour to your wrists. Studded with diamonds that catch the light, we bet these bracelets will be the centre of attraction when paired with your festive clothes. You will enjoy flaunting their delicate and delightful workmanship that blends designs and diamonds flawlessly.

Jewelove Bracelets

5. Stud Earrings
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and these pairs of platinum earrings will ensure that your look never goes out of style. Add these to your accessories wardrobe as a contrast to heavier dangling creations. Whether it is a pair of fifty-pointer solitaire earrings or an intricate pair of platinum studs, Jewelove offers a pair for all your moods and looks.

Jewelove stud earrings

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